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Rihanna completely changes her tune about past drinking

Posted By LolaDub on Sep 15, 2008 at 10:00AM

Last summer Rihanna told Maxim Magazine’s German edition that she’d never been drunk in her life. She was asked “Did you ever get wasted?” and replied “I do like to go out. Here in Europe I [am] allowed to drink alcohol. I never have been really drunk. One, two cocktails, that’s it.” Rihanna is 20 years old and was 19 when that interview was conducted. The singer is from Barbados, where the drinking age is 18 but younger teens are allowed to drink when they’re with their parents.

Rihanna changed her story in a recent interview, saying she did get drunk as a young teen, but she added that she “wasn’t exactly in Amy Winehouse mode.” Rihanna’s father was addicted to crack when she was a child and she’s admitted in the past that seeing her father in that state was a powerful lesson:

Rihanna spent her time as a teenager in Barbados getting drunk with her friends — but insists she never “went over the top” like Amy Winehouse.

“I’d go out and get drunk, but that’s what teenage girls do in Barbados,” the singer, 20, says of her rebellious phase at the age 14.

“The country’s pretty laid-back about the legal age for drinking. But I never went too over the top,” she tells Britain’s Live magazine.

“I wasn’t exactly in Amy Winehouse mode. I’d seen what alcohol and drugs had done to my dad and I wasn’t going to follow in his footsteps. I knew my limits when I was a kid and I still do.

“If I go to a club, I go for the sounds. I go out to have fun, to dance and laugh at people fighting or dressed like whores. I might have a few drinks, but I don’t get tipsy too easily. I don’t ever get to the point where I want to throw up, can’t stand up straight or say things I’m likely to regret in the morning.”

[From Showbizspy via Gossip Rocks]

A lot of teenagers do that, but why did she say she’d never been drunk before? The original “I never have been really drunk” article was in German but my husband translated it for me and that’s exactly what she said unless she was misquoted. Maybe by really drunk she meant falling down, but her definition seems to have changed. It’s also pretty rude to use a notorious addict and fellow singer as a comparison.

Rihanna had another recent interview in which she skirted the issue of whether she’s broke or not. Her ex business manager claimed that Rihanna only had $20,000 to her name after her other manager invested all her money into her career and music videos. Rihanna said she “stays on top” of her money but didn’t really acknowledge the rumors:

“I get business reports all the time because it’s my money. And I stay on top by living it, breathing it, thinking about it every day and every night.”

[From ONTD]

So she admits that she’s consumed by the situation whatever it may be. Rihanna must be so busy thinking about her money that she doesn’t remember what she was up to a few years ago.


Rihanna Is 'On Top' Of Her Money

Posted By LolaDub on Sep 15, 2008 at 7:06AM

Last month there were reports circulating the net that Rihanna got shafted by one of her business managers and that she was going broke. According to Rihanna, those reports were nothing but a rumor because she is "too business minded to be broke."

“You can’t get away from the business side. It takes over. The minute you get into the business side, it becomes you. I get business reports all the time because it’s my money. And I stay on top by living it, breathing it, thinking about it every day and every night,” said Rihanna.

We were scared she was going to become another MC Hammer there for a minute. Rihanna definitely looks like she's on top of her shit, we're sure Jay-Z taught her well!

Rihanna Going Broke

Posted By LolaDub on Aug 18, 2008 at 10:59AM

During a recent visit to her now ex-business manager Patricia Williams, Rihanna was shocked to learn that almost all her money was missing.

So where did all that mullah go? According to Williams, it was never there to begin with. Williams claims that Def Jam never really paid Rihanna, so she would use earnings from her concerts (about $30k a show) to fund her lifestyle and finance her other albums.

"I showed her all the paperwork and tried to explain to her the circumstances but she wouldn't listen. She called me all sorts of horrible names and stormed off."

Williams added that Rihanna has only made "a little bit above a million" and "all of it was spent on making her as big as she is now. It's not my fault that she only has 20,000 to her name."

Hmm...that sounds a little sketchy. How can someone as big as Rihanna only have $20k to her name? We're not pointing fingers or anything, but it sounds like firing Williams was the smartest thing Rihanna has done in years.

i say bullshit..sounds fishy to me


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Posted By LolaDub on Jul 22, 2008 at 7:06AM

Hot off the press: Check out Rihanna’s just-released video for her latest single, Disturbia.

The song was originally written by Rihanna’s beau Chris Brown and his team known as the Graffiti Artizts and was considered for the re-release of his album Exclusive. However, Chris felt that the song would be better suited for a female singer. We agree.

The video, directed by famed photographer/director David LaChapelle, was filmed during the last weekend of June.

Our thoughts?

Rihanna was traumatized by prejudice growing up

Posted By LolaDub on Jul 21, 2008 at 8:57AM

Rihanna credits her success as a singer to childhood bullying, insisting her prejudiced peers prepared her for the entertainment industry by forcing her to develop a thick skin.

The Barbados-born beauty experienced difficulty fitting in at school because her lighter complexion left her feeling like an outsider.
But she says the taunting she endured is what eventually drove her to seek out the limelight.

She says, “It (prejudice) made me angry. It made me want to fight in my younger years. Having lighter skin wasn’t a problem in my household, but it was when I went to school - which really confused me at first. For the first six years of school, I would go home traumatized.”


:( shame


Rihanna has the best hair in Hollywood

Posted By LolaDub on Jul 18, 2008 at 8:44AM

Rihanna has won a new hair honur to go with her 2007 `best legs’ accolade.

The Umbrella singer has topped a new U.S. magazine poll aimed at naming the stars with the best hairstyles.

Rihanna beat Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston to top the In Touch Best Hair In Hollywood list.

The top five style queens are:

1. Rihanna
2. Gwyneth Paltrow
3. Jennifer Aniston
4. Vanessa Hudgens
5. Isla Fisher



Rihanna Named Gucci Spokesmodel

Posted By LolaDub on Jul 14, 2008 at 10:58AM

Rihanna has been selected as the spokesperson for Gucci's first ever Unicef ad. She'll be appearing in their Tattoo Heart campaign, which will begin in December.

Creative director Frida Gianninni says, "When we decided to dedicate a full ad campaign, more than just creating products, to really come out and show our commitment to UNICEF, I felt a musician and a beautiful woman was the perfect icon for this campaign."

The photos will feature Rihanna and Gucci items, and 25 percent of the proceeds will go to the children's charity.

Rihanna - “InStyle” August 2008

Posted By LolaDub on Jul 10, 2008 at 8:34AM

Rihanna graces the August 2008 pages of InStyle magazine in a gorgeous white Bill Blass dress.

In this issue, the 20-year-old Barbadian bombshell reveals her style secrets and tattoo diary.

And as for the mag’s new look, group publisher Lynette Harrison Brubaker said, “When InStyle launched, what people knew about celebrity was more limited. Now everyone knows everything about celebrity, so we have to keep more relevant. And it’s not enough to say celebrities are the only stylemakers because there’s 20 people around them in an entourage helping them make choices.”


Rihanna Hits Vegas On The View

Posted By LolaDub on Jun 24, 2008 at 5:57AM

The View ladies are hitting Las Vegas this week, and their big guest today was Rihanna. She talked about her life before fame, what it's like to have a Grammy, her tattoos, and of course, Chris Brown!

Rihanna is still denying that the two of them are a couple. It seems impossible that they're not together, but we'll give her the benefit of the doubt. She's absolutely adorable in the interview, so check it out!


Rihanna: I’m not in love!

Posted By LolaDub on Jun 22, 2008 at 5:21AM

Rihanna just stringing Chris Brown along?

The lovebirds have only recently gone public — PDA and all — with their year-long relationship, but it’s nothing serious — at least for Rihanna.

“No, I’m not in love,” the Grammy winner tells Extra when grilled about her deep affections.

Trying to deflect the attention, the 20-year-old asserts that she loves life because “life is beautiful.”

One thing Rihanna will talk about though is her new disc — Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded. The album was hit shelves on Tuesday and features all of her biggest hits from the original release and a whole lot more.

“We called it reloaded because we reloaded with a bunch of cool, new songs, including ‘Take a Bow’ and ‘Disturbia,’ the song by Maroon 5, ‘If I Never See Your Face Again,’ and a bonus dvd with a bunch of performances, backstage footage,” she says. “Cameras followed us around on tour, so they got a bunch of good stuff, fun stuff.”

And get ready for an even bigger release from the Barbados native — Rihanna has plans to launch her own fashion line.

“I love fashion so much,” she says. “I’m a very creative person, so I can see that happening very soon.”